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Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Truer words were never spoken

I learned of this post on blogging via an elearnspace post. Every word is a gem, but what hit me especially were these two points:
4. Prepare for the reality that the rest of the world may not share your high opinion of yourself and your site.

5. You know that movie where the guy built a baseball field and waited for some dead folks to turn up and play ball? Blogging's like that. Prepare to slog at putting up brilliantly crafted, accurate and to-the-point insights that will proceed to make no difference to anything at all.

I had to laugh, but it's so true. And not just about blogs, but about life. Thanks for the reality check, Simon! As a new blogger, I plan on reading this post very carefully. In fact, this is something not just to be read, but to be mined.


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