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Friday, July 23, 2004

Bypass site registration


BugMeNot is a site with logins that you can use when you want to read online newpaper articles without registering yourself. You enter the URL of the site, and get a listing of logins. I guess someone with a lot of time and a hot button about this went around and created a bunch of phony logins to share.

I usually register, with an email address I reserve for those things. That way, if I start to get spammed, I can nuke the address. The thing that bugs me about registration is that it adds steps to me reading the article. BugMeNot doesn't change that.

I've not decided yet where I stand on all the issues here.  Some could argue that there are ethical issues in bypassing the registration.  But for me, spyware, adware, tracking, and spamming is a bigger issue.  When you register, you get a cookie, which could be used for all sorts of sneaky purposes, and it's not always clearly addressed in the terms of use. 


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