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Saturday, July 24, 2004

Blogger Hacks -- adding a photo to the sidebar

I am just so proud of myself. I did some "hacks" to get my blogs looking more like I want, rather than the Blogger default.

I wanted to have an image in the sidebar. But that's not in this template, and Blogger doesn't let you upload images (makes sense, they'd need lots of space for those). But Blogger does have an something called "Hello Bloggerbot." This nifty, free little bot allows you to upload pix, which are stored with Picasa somewhere. What it does is automate posting a picture to your blog.

So, I downloaded that and uploaded the picture I wanted as a post. Then I edited the post, copying the pertinent code, and went hunting through my blog template for the sidebar code. I dropped in the pix code and voila!

You can see the results on free associations. I'm still tweaking it. I need a different image, and I need to fiddle with the spacing a bit.

Still, Blogger makes it pretty darn easy. I love it that I can access the template. But I'd better copy and save that template, just in case! I've gotten into trouble that way before.

The more you hack, the more you must back (up). Ok, only almost rhymes.


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